h3>This page is for parents, family members, friends, alumni, neighbors and any other helpful people who can assist with helping us put our huge production together!  

It’s been said, by Ms. Paullin, “it takes a village to raise a curtain“!  Come help us raise this curtain for JOSEPH 2016!

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We are ready to start building the large set and the various smaller pieces that will be used during the musical and we need everyone’s help.  We have three (3) Techapaloozas (construction & painting work days) scheduled for:

Saturday, Oct 15      Saturday, Oct 22      Sunday, Oct 23    ~ 9am – 4pm ***

Our Construction Crew Chiefs (Dan Shingleton, Mark Lada, Matt McNerney, Kirk Orr) have the vision; they’ve planned the construction, they will have many projects precut and/or prototyped for assembly.  They will guide you in what needs to happen during the construction phase.

Feel free to bring any of your own construction-type tools as we have a limited supply.  We will however, supply the lumber, screws, etc.

Some of you may be interested in the finishing process, which is painting everything that we will be building.  We are looking for a head painter for the faux finishes if you (or anyone else you might know) is interested, please contact Cheryl Tacy or myself.


Thank you for your willingness to participate in this aspect of your child’s musical.


***Later on, if we add additional weekday hours to finish things up and you are available at all during the day to help, please come in through the front door, sign in at the first office on the right, grab a visitor badge, then make your way to the auditorium/stage.  If you come after 2:30 pm, you may park near the football field and come in through the stage door adjacent to the doors near the gyms.