tech picTECH CREWS, unlike the cast and the orchestra, do not have the same schedules every week.  Depending on the different crews and the projects being worked on, your crews will meet as posted.  We will post the crew schedules on the stage door, as well as on the TECH PAGE under the BACK DOOR TAB on our website,

For our shows, we offer some of the most professional theatrical tech experiences available to a high school student.   For Cinderella, we will be building a majority of the scenery.  It’s an amazing experience which you won’t want to miss.  So much more to tell you about…  go to and read more.  Questions, just ask.

Here are some of the areas that we will need students working on crews.  Which interest you the most?

Costumes, Lighting, Makeup, Hair & Wigs, Prosthetics, Props, Publicity, Set Construction, Set Painting, Lighting, Sound, Special Effects, Stage Management/Show Tech Crew (backstage run crew), Assistant to the Director, House Management, Art, Rigging and so much more.

Are you a former BATS crew member?  Make sure and let us know that since you will then be put on the ‘experienced list’ for our crews at WLW.  We have at least 6 former BATS crew members, who did Tech at WLW, and now are in university studying it professionally.  Some are already working in the entertainment business.  It’s the place to be!!