Cast List: Dearly Beloved

Congratulations! Ms. Frane and I are SO excited to work with all of you on this play! You made casting this tough, but we did it! Our first read through is Monday, and it will begin about 2:30 (I have a meeting so I might be a couple minutes late). I expect we will be out by 4:30, if not a bit earlier. We will begin blocking on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Rehearsal will run to 5:00-ish, each of these day. A more concrete rehearsal schedule will come soon!

Geneva Musgrave: Arantxa Gallegos Ruiz

Raynerd Chisum: Jowan Rashid

Tina Jo and Gina Jo: Molly Bertolino

Honey Raye Futrelle: Era Resuli

Frankie Futrelle Dubberly: Princess Jones

Dub Dubberly: Garrett Freed

Twink Futrelle: Ariana Anagnostopoulos

Nelda Lou Lightfoot: Holly Bobola

Justin Waverly: Zach Scheidler

John Curtis Buntner: Alex Lange

Wiley Hicks: Ben Bruce

Patsy Price: Jacky Roach


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