Thank you to all who auditioned for HAIRSPRAY.  Please read everything below.  Please be aware of what you say online, on social media and to friends.  Once online, they can never be taken back.  Some people will be so happy, some disappointed.  Please be careful of your words and actions.  MEANWHILE, read on…

  1. Make sure and go through the entire cast list, if you’d like to find out what characters you are and in what scenes.  Scroll through this entire long list.  BUT, no need to print this list out.  We will have a newly reformatted list on Monday, so that you can easily see who you are and in what scene.  Some of you have also been selected for being apart of one of our tech crews, working behind the scenes.  A great way to get to know everyone and learn to work in our theater!  
  2. Our first rehearsal is on Monday, a PLC day.  Please bring a bottle of water, snack, binder for your script (bring at least a 1 1/2 inch binder as it’s a thick script and a pencil…and get ready for our first read/sing through of the entire show!  
  3. Thank you for you time spent in auditioning.  We realize and saw students who have spent dozens of hours over the summer, in preparing for this show…and yes, others, just pulled it together.  Well, it’s time to ALL work together on making this the BEST WLW musical yet.
  4. Congratulations too all who were called back.  It was grueling and long, but we know it will pay off.
  5. If you didn’t get the role that you were dreaming of, please read the wise words of a casting agent.  There were sooo many reasons for our casting choices.  Give it a few days, but if you are really wondering about your audition, feel free to talk to Ms. Paullin or Mr. Cleveland…that is, if they can remember as it’s been quite a long week!
  6. Now, let’s make it happen.  See you on Monday.  PLC Day  1:30 – 5:00.  The rest of the week, except for Thursday, 2:30 – 5:00.  


Yes, I’m writing to you about why you DIDN’T get the part.  Yes, even though your audition was really good and you were totally on your game and you lit up the stage with creative acting genius, you still may have not gotten the part that you wanted.

So maybe you are thinking, why is this so negative??  It’s not!  It’s not negative to understand why you didn’t get a certain part because it will free your mind of all that monkey -mind chatter that happens when you find out you didn’t get it.  Next, it doesn’t matter.  By the end of this short article, I hope you understand this.

Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions to the directors, and the one that hangs you up the most, let’s get into it.  Based on our years and years of experience as casting directors, these are some of the reasons you didn’t get the part!

You are too tall.

You are too short

You are too pretty/handsome

You are not pretty / handsome enough

You are too thin

You are too heavy

You are too blonde

You are not blonde enough

You are too old

You are too young

You are too serious

You are too funny

You look too much like the lead

You don’t look enough like the lead

You are shorter than the lead

You remind the director of her sister, and she doesn’t like her sister

You are too ethnic

You are not ethnic enough

You were the first one to audition that day

You were the last one to audition that day

You are more like the best friend than the lead

You are more like the lead than the best friend

You are too character-y

You are not character-y enough

And so many other silly reasons.

OKAY, this is a small sample of some of he reasons you didn’t get the part.  Can you tell what the one common thread is among this small sampling of reasons?  NONE OF THESE ARE WITHIN YOUR CONTROL.  NONE!!

Yes, of course, there are many other things that are within your control.  Just do your BEST WORK at your audition.  Be so prepared, nothing can go wrong.  The role you are singing for is one piece of an entire jigsaw puzzle.  It must fit with the rest of the puzzle or the puzzle won’t work.  The directors are fitting pieces of the puzzle together all night long.  Your only job is to be the best “piece” you can be.  Do your best and then let it go.

Now, on with the show!!


(posted at 4:55 pm, Sunday, Sept. 17)


NK = Nicest Kids In Town

MM = Motormouth Mable’s kids

YCSTB = You Can’t Stop the Beat scene

Amber Von Tussle Abbey Phillipson
Velma Von Tussle Anna Goward
Hooker Annalise Shore
Pinketts Annalise Shore
YCSTB Annalise Shore
Seaweed Anthony Gaines
Nun Arianna Anagnostopoulos
Doll House 3 Arianna Anagnostopoulos
YCSTB Arianna Anagnostopoulos
Dawn   NK2 Ashleigh Holubeck-Gotts
Norman   MM Brandon Jones
Detention 1 Brandon Jones
Photographer Brandon Jones
Annette MM Bria Mayes
Detention 4 Bria Mayes
Dynamite Kamilah Catherine Riva
Doll House 10 Catherine Riva
Corny Collins Chaz Pryzmont
Sketch   NK1 Christian Whan
Marsha NK2 Clare Fitzpatrick
Nancy   MM Daijah Mellon
Doll House 12 Daijah Mellon
Link Larkin Derrek Orr
Motormouth Maybelle Dominque Cooper
Shelley   NK1 Ella Kethledge
Teacher with children Emma Bevier
Detention 8 Emma Bevier
Doll House 1 Emma Bevier
YCSTB Emma Bevier
Detention 9 Emma Terry
Newspaper reporter Emma Terry
Doll House 7 Emma Terry
YCSTB Emma Terry
Baltimiore Bum Era Resuli
Pinketts Era Resuli
Doll House 14 Era Resuli
YCSTB Era Resuli
Shopper Evelyn Veenstra
Nun Evelyn Veenstra
YCSTB Evelyn Veenstra
Wanda MM Farah Mahdi
Detention 3 Farah Mahdi
IQ   NK1 Gabe Larson
Mr. Spritzer Gannon Scheer
Street Sweeper Gannon Scheer
Riot Squad 3 Gannon Scheer
Mr. Pinky Garrett Freed
Flasher Garrett Freed
Rhonda   MM Gya Ferguson
Doll House 6 Gya Ferguson
Peggy Sue   NK1 Hannah Basler
Ray   NK2 Hunter Montry
Jail Guard Hunter Montry
Riot Squad 2 Hunter Montry
Vincent   NK2 Ian Mills
Jail Guard Ian Mills
Riot Squad 4 Ian Mills
Cindy Watkins MM Izabella Barretto
Mrs. Pruddy Pingleton Jade Fantich
Calvin   MM Jaymon Page
Detention 2 Jaymon Page
Gilbert   MM Jeremiah Richards
Worker in hardhat Jessie Wert
Pinketts Jessie Wert
YCSTB Jessie Wert
Duane   MM Jowan Rashid
Photographer Jowan Rashid
Gym Teacher Karlee Orr
Beatnik Karlee Orr
Pinketts Karlee Orr
Doll House 7 Karlee Orr
YCSTB Karlee Orr
Bonnie   NK1 Kaylee Turkington
Ice Cream Lady Kaylee West
Mother with stroller Kaylee West
YCSTB Kaylee West
YCSTB Kaylee West
Dean   NK2 Kevin Lee
Riot Squad 1 Kevin Lee
Old Lady Klaudia Kekel
Pinketts Klaudia Kekel
YCSTB Klaudia Kekel
Valerie   NK1 Lacey Kohn
Stella   NK2 Lauren Hunsinger
Doll House 11 Lauren Hunsinger
Louise   NK1 Laya Silverman
Principal Laya Silverman
Doll House 4 Laya Silverman
Dynamite Shayna Leah Gaines
Doll House 5 Leah Gaines
Pinketts Lilia Zubieta
Doll House 2 Lilia Zubieta
Brad   NK1       Nicest Kids Matthew Brodbeck
Rosie   NK2 Molly Bertolino
Leslie   NK2 Molly McNerney
Worker in hardhat Naro Chopjian
Pinketts Naro Chopjian
YCSTB Naro Chopjian
Wilbur Turnblad Nick Berishaj
Loraine   MM Nicole Ponce
Jill   NK2 Peyton Naragon
Patty   MM Princess Jones
Ronnie   MM Quintez Young
Detention 6 Quintez Young
Tammy   NK1 Samantha Barringer
Shopper Sarah Soloman
Pinketts Sarah Soloman
YCSTB Sarah Soloman
Edna Turnblad Scott Shingleton
Old Lady Sophia Burkmyre
Doll House 13 Sophia Burkmyre
YCSTB Sophia Burkmyre
Penny Pingleton Sophia Lada
Weezie   MM Tamar Malone
Detention 5 Tamar Malone
Doll House 8 Tamar Malone
Brenda NK1 Veronica Koziorowski
Jail Matron Veronica Koziorowski
George   MM Vihaar Nandigala
Tracy Turnblad Vrenanda Savaya
Fender   NK1 Zachary Scheidler
Hot Dog Man Zachary Scheidler
Dynamite Judine Zahra Akinfaarin
Little Inez Zion Mayo