LSOH Cast List: My Final WLW Cast! There were many difficult choices made, because you’re all so talented. Both Mrs. Helm and I are sure we’ve put everyone in a place where your talents and voice will be best used. You are all my last set of stars, and I cannot wait to see you shine! Read-through Tuesday! (If you’re auditioning for forensics, plan on doing so on Wednesday.) I’ve created a Google Classroom for information. It’s 6igl21. 

Seymour: Zachary Scheidler

Audrey: Reilly Niedzinski

Mr. Mushnik: Jared Bloch

*Mrs. Mushnik: Emma Terry

Orin: Gabe Larson

The Plant (Audrey II): James Ha

Crystal: Jackie Roach

Ronnette: Leah Gaines

Chiffon: Cara Dolan

*Dionne: Holly Bobola

Ensemble: Ava Kachnowski, Sophia Lawrence (and those below.)

Customer:  Maggie Schwierking

Wskid Radio Announcer: McLane Mann

Mr. Bernstein: Tyler LaPointe

Mrs. Luce: Maggie Schwierking

Skip Snip: McLane Mann

Patrick Martin: Tyler LaPointe

*Added characters

**We could use a couple more guys for the ensemble. Talk to your singing friends!