Thank you to all who auditioned for Fiddler on the Roof.  Please read everything below.  Please be aware of what you say online, on social media and to friends.  Once online, they can never be taken back.  Some people will be so happy, some disappointed.  Please be careful of your words and actions.  MEANWHILE, read on…

  1. Make sure and go through the entire cast list, to find out what characters you are and in what scenes.  Scroll through this entire long list. It is NOT alphabetical. Some of you will be playing more than one role. It can be a little confusing- BUT DON’T PANIC, it will all be clear after our read thru. We will have a more complete list on Tuesday, so that you can easily see who you are and in what scene.  Some of you will also be selected to be a part of one of our tech crews, working behind the scenes. We will be announcing specific tech roles shortly- be patient.
  2. Our first rehearsal is on Tuesday 2:30-5:00 for our Read/Sing Through of the entire show. Please bring a bottle of watersnack, 1 ½” binder for your script and a
  3. Thank you for your time spent in auditioning.  Many of you spent dozens of hours over the summer, preparing for this show. We were all VERY IMPRESSED with auditions this year. A vast majority of you were REALLY well prepared. It made for some tough decisions (sometimes driven by grade level as so many 9th and 10th graders had AMAZING auditions this year)! We have a VERY strong cast this year in every area and now it is time to ALL work together on making this the BEST WLW musical yet.
  4. If you didn’t get the role that you wanted, please know that we were so pleased and you should be proud. There is a LOT that goes into making these difficult decisions.  Give it a few days, but if you are really wondering about your audition, feel free to talk to Ms. Paullin, Ms. Helm, or Mrs. Stockton. We want you to understand and be comfortable with this process. Remember there IS NO SMALL ROLE. Everyone is crucial to the show. You ALL will shine- PROMISE!
  5. Please be sensitive to comments made on social media- What you say at this point will set the tone for our show. We want EVERYONE to feel good about our company and be excited about our show! Be kind. We suggest that you don’t post anything that will make someone feel bad. We know that once we get into the show you will understand and be supportive of casting decisions. It is going to be an AMAZING show.
  6. If you were not cast we hope you will continue to work on auditioning and come out for future shows.
  7. If you DID NOT see Mrs. Schiedler to get measurements taken YOU NEED TO SEE HER
  8. Now, let’s make it happen.  See you Tuesday 2:30-5:00 in the choir room.


Ms. Helm, Ms. Paullin, Mrs. Stockton and Miss Zaleski



Yes, I’m writing to you about why you DIDN’T get the part.  Yes, even though your audition was really good and you were totally on your game and you lit up the stage with creative acting genius, you still may have not gotten the part that you wanted.

So maybe you are thinking, why is this so negative?  It’s not!  It’s not negative to understand why you didn’t get a certain part because it will free your mind of all that negative self-talk that WE ALL DO and happens when you find out you didn’t get it.  Next, it doesn’t matter.  By the end of this short article, I hope you understand this.

Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions to the directors, and the one that hangs you up the most, let’s get into it.  Based on our years and years of experience as casting directors, these are some of the reasons you didn’t get the part!

You are too tall, You are too short,
You are too pretty/handsome,
You are not pretty/handsome enough,
You are too thin, You are too heavy,
You are too blonde,
You are not blonde enough,
You are too old, You are too young,
You are too serious, You are too funny
You look too much like the lead,
You don’t look enough like the lead
You are shorter than the lead
You remind the director of her sister, and she doesn’t like her sister
You are too ethnic,
You are not ethnic enough
You were the first one to audition that day,
You were the last one to audition that day
You are more like the best friend than the lead,
You are more like the lead than the best friend
You are too character-y,
You are not character-y enough
And so many other silly reasons.

OKAY, this is a small sample of some of the reasons you didn’t get the part.  What is the one common thread is among this small sampling of reasons?


Yes, of course, there are many other things that are within your control.  All you can do is your BEST. The role you are given is only one piece of an entire jigsaw puzzle.  It must fit with the rest of the puzzle or the puzzle won’t work.  The directors are fitting pieces of the puzzle together all night long.  Your only job is to be the best “piece” you can be.

Do your best and then let it go.   Now, on with the show!!


Character Name ACTOR: Name
Student Cast Manager!!!! Congrats!!! Kaylee West
The Fiddler Matt Foster
Tevye the Dairyman Noah Veenstra
Yente the Matchmaker Molly McNearney
Avram the Bookseller Vihaar Nandigala
Nachum the Beggar Era Resuli
Lazar Wolf the Butcher Garrett Freed
Mendel the Rabbi’s son Aiden Kamen
Rabbi/ Papa Gannon Scheer
Constable, a Russian Officer Brandon Jones
Priest (Russian) Veronica Meyer
Shprintze, Tevye’s 4th daughter Peyton Naragon
Golde, Tevye’s wife Laya Silverman
Hodel, Tevye’s 2nd daughter Veronica Koziorowski
Bielke, Tevye’s 5th daughter Sarah Solomon
Tzeitel, Tevye’s oldest daughter Ella Kethledge
Chava, Tevye’s 3rd daughter Molly Bertolino
Motel Kamzoil the Tailor Zachary Scheidler
Mordcha the InnKeeper Jowan Rashid
Perchik the Student Arsalan Aleber
Fyedka a Russian Soldier Gabriel Larson
Grandma Tzeitel /Mama Clare Fitzpatrick
Fruma Sarah Samantha Barringer
Shaindel, Motel’s Mama Emma Bevier
Olga, Jewish Mama #1 , Dream solo1, Rumor Solo 159 Jade Fantich
Yetta, Jewish Mama #2, Dream solo3, Rumor solo159 Princess Jones
Batya, Jewish Mama #3, Dream solo 5 Lauren Hunsinger
Svetlana, Jewish Mama #4 , Motel’s shop, line 52, 82 Jessie Wert
Yelyenna, Jewish Mama #5 , line 52 Jackie Roach
Ileya, Jewish Mama #6 , Dreamer, Lines 53 Catherine Riva
Ksenia, Jewish Mama #7 Lauren Prestage
Tasha, Jewish Daughter #1 Julia Kassab
Katrina, Jewish Daughter #2 Kayla Clark
Mariam, Jewish Daughter #3 , Dreamer Lydia Veenstra
Gdaliya, Jewish Daughter #4 , Dreamer Ashleigh Holubeck-Gotts
Layah, Jewish Daughter #5 , Russian Coach, Dreamer Stephanie Orman
Masha, Jewish Daughter #6 Jovanna Garza
Nikita, Jewish Daughter #7 Olivia DePauli
Ruben, Jewish Papa #1 , Mule/horse, dream solo 2, canopy, wedding 61, Jowan Rashid
Grigory, Jewish Papa #2 , Mule/horse, Dream solo 4, canopy, Wedding 61, lines 59 Hunter Montry
Zeev, Jewish Papa #3 , Inn Dancer, Dreamer, lines 91 Anvita Chitrapu
Shaul, Jewish Papa #4, Dancer, FIsh Seller, Mazeltov 82, Line 91, Exit 92-93 Evelyn Veenstra
Yakov, Jewish Papa #5, Dancer, Bagel Seller, Canopy, Wedding 63, Exit 92-93 Grace Lahti
Jechil, Jewish Papa #6, Dancer, Dreamer, Mazeltov 81, lines 92 Hope Crenshaw
Rafail, Jewish Son #1, Dreamer TBA
Avi, Jewish Son #2 Dreamer TBA
Fraedel, Jewish Son #3, Dreamer TBA
Mikhail, Jewish Son #4, Canopy TBA
Boris, Russian Soldier # 1 Soloist, Russian 32 Jade Fantich
Alekandr, Russian # 2 Soloist, Russian 32 Princess Jones
Sasha, Russian Soldier # 3 , line 54, 55 Sophia Burkmyer
Sergei, Russian Soldier# 4 Dancer, Daughter Naro Chopjian
Nikolai, Russian Soldier #5, Dancer, Russian Coach Rozalina Vorobyova
Young Chava, dancer in “Chava Sequence” TBA
Boy #1 (betrothed) TBA
Boy #2 (Betrothed) TBA
Childrens Chorus 1 TBA
Childrens Chorus 2 TBA
Childrens Chorus 3 TBA
Childrens Chorus 4 TBA
Childrens Chorus 5 TBA
Childrens Chorus 6 TBA
dream sequence musician 1 TBA
dream sequence musician 2 TBA
dream sequence musician 3 TBA
dream sequence musician 4 TBA
dream sequence musician 5 TBA
Jewish Bottle dancer #1/Russian Dancer Ava Johnson
Jewish Bottle dancer #2/Russian Dancer Alexis Bobola
Jewish Bottle dance #3/Russian Dancer/Villager Annalise Shore
Jewish Bottle dancer #4/Russian Dancer/ Villager Reilly Niedzinski
Jewish Bottle dancer #5/Russian Dancer/Villager Maggie Schwierking
Jewish Bottle dancer #6/Russian Dancer/Villager Ariana Anagnostopoulos