This is the page for our Show Kids.  (The students who are not high school students).


Congratulations to ALL who auditioned! Everyone did an AMAZING job!

We had to make some really hard choices. We are pleased to announce the Villager boys and girls of Anatevka in Fiddler on the Roof will be….

Samantha Bloch

Aditya Chitrapu

Lola Craft

Janna Carlson

Isabel Dutton

Annika Gaber

Shea Golden

Ania Greco

Evan Lent

Isaiah Mahdi

Mason Reese

Aankit Thapa


High School Sons-

Mclane Mann

Byrce Zachariah


Walk On- Armando Garza

 For more info, please email Sara Naragon at

Revised Kids Cast Packet 2018

Revised Kids Fiddler Calendar 2018


Parents, check your email about the MANDATORY Parent and Cast Meeting on September 27, 6:30pm Walled Lake Western Auditorium.